Monthly Archives: January 2016

Reflections State Finalist!!!

Me and my award ceremony.

Hey, guys!!! A few weeks ago, the reflections fair took place, and I was a state finalist!!! The reflections fair is a stimulating way to increase children’s imagination, and to give them a positive outlook on life. The theme this year was Let your imagination fly. My project is a hand drawn picture of a hummingbird, which has each feather different colors with different designs. At first, I called it The Fabulous Hummingbird, but as it got more and more magical, it became The Fairybird. My good friend, Hannah Bodtke made it to state, too, which I am delighted for her about, but I am also disappointed about having to be going against her. Keep your fingers crossed that I have a streak of good luck!

By: Grace Archer, Age 10