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Geronimo/Thea Stilton Book Interview

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Hello! My name is Grace and I am 8 years old and I adore the Geronimo and Thea Stilton book series. I think that they are action-packed, exciting ,kid-friendly, funny, fact-filled and whisker-licking good! I asked Mrs.Julie (3rd grade teacher) for an interview of her opinion and she wasn’t hesitant to say she certainly accepted the invitation.

Grace Gazzete: As a teacher, what is your opinion of the Stilton Series?

J: I love these books! The kids love these books! EVERYONE seems to love these books! Any series that can capture the interest and imagination of my students is a winner in my book!

GG: In T.S., who is your favorite Thea sister?

J: Well, I think it’s funny that Collette doesn’t like nick names and I think it’s fantastic that Paulina wants to be a scientist- go girls! But honestly, I don’t think I could name just one as a favorite. They are all so great!

GG: So, if you can’t chose a favorite, then if you could spend five days, one with each T. sister, then what order would you want to meet them in?

J: Wow, tough question. Maybe youngest to oldest?

GG: Actually, they’re all the same age, but never mind. If you could write yourself into one of these books, what role would you play?

J: Well, I would LOVE to be part of the team that rescues the poor victim. I think female heroes are underrepresented in literature, so I would definitely want to be part of the action and help save the day! Maybe I could be Thea herself?

G.G: Excellent choice! Probably you would want to be in the book Thea Stilton and the Dragon’s Code. That’s the one where Thea is involved most.

J: Yes! That sounds perfect!

Well readers there you are. This is where my article comes to a close if you want to read or get further information about Geronimo and Thea go to the university book store or on to